woensdag 27 januari 2010

[TUT] How to use these MP3 files

Hi all,
I'm writing this post because I'm recieving many requests of how to use these files.
These files are made for a real commodore, not an emulator. Here's how you'll use them:
  1. Search for an empty tape and a tape recorder
  2. Hook it to your PC
  3. Record the sound of the MP3 (wich may sound extremely horrible ;-) )
  4. Put the tape (after you rewinded it) in your Datasette unit
  5. Play the game!
If you want to run these files in an emulator, they need to be converted to WAVE files first, and then converted to PRG files, which can be played by almmost any emulator (like VICE, Power64,...)


[GAME] Dig Dug

Dig Dug for the C64, MP3 format.

[GAME] Pole Position

Pole Position from Namco - UNVERIFIED.

[DEMO] No More by SpaceExpress

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